ki7chen... a modern Micro-Kitchen Design


A modern approach to a traditional problem: how to make the most of finite space. With population densities increasing in urban areas, it is important to consider multiple lifestyles to create a solution.

Features of ki7chen:

-The main kitchen area is built in to a 7'x7' unit that contains a bathroom and lofted bedroom

-The kitchen compartment slides open with flexible tube plumbing, exposing the work area only when you need it

-The sink and trash are accessible when in the closed state

-Magnetized storage decreases need for drawer storage (store utensils, glasses, and cutting mats magnetically)

-Easily transport the trash where you need it (minimal lifting required)

-Flexible silicone containers inset into cutting boards, allowing easy storage and transport of food

-ki7chen comes with its own product line including magnetized utensils, cups, flexible folding silicone containers, and tool inserts

ki7chen philosophy

By allowing the kitchen to stow away, valuable space is saved for entertaining, relaxing, and exercising. ki7chen can also remain in its open position, depending on the user's needs.

Building with components like panels (the black outer material in the pictures) allows for easy customization and longer stylistic permanence of the design. In an apartment, panels could be switched out to reflect the style of the new tenants.

Including consumables like the silicone containers, utensils, and glasses allow more customization and help streamline the user's experience.

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Meet The Team

Jolee Nebert

Industrial Design Student

Currently at Western Washington University, Jolee has worked on app and graphic design.  Creating a holistic experience for the consumer drives Jolee's design passion.

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